SP git branch renames

wferi at niif.hu wferi at niif.hu
Thu Aug 13 11:12:57 BST 2020

"Cantor, Scott" <cantor.2 at osu.edu> writes:

> All of the SP repositories have been migrated now, s/master/main is the only change.
> Getting back in sync just takes this:
> git fetch --prune origin
> git checkout main
> git remote set-head origin -a
> git branch -d master

I guess you know that your repositories are inaccessible now:

$ git fetch origin
fatal: unable to connect to git.shibboleth.net:
git.shibboleth.net[0: 2600:1f18:3fe:4202:d01c:655e:56d3:8aaf]: errno=Connection timed out
git.shibboleth.net[1:]: errno=Connection timed out

Unless my configuration is outdated...

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