[Pkg-sugar-devel] Packaging activities with mimetypes.xml files in Debian

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Sat May 2 11:30:45 UTC 2015

Hi, Martin

Is this a necessary change from listing mimetypes in the activity.info. 
Do existing activities have to create a mimetypes.xml file. Where does 
it go? What is the requirement for its content? Which release of Sugar 
requires this change?


On 04/30/2015 11:07 PM, Martin Abente wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> While packaging activities that contained a "mimetypes.xml" file like 
> in FotoToon [1], I noticed in the resulting package some "unexpected" 
> files being included under "/usr/share/mime/".
> These files are created by "update-mime-database" [2] when running 
> bundlebuilder via "python setup.py install" for installing activities 
> [3,4]. In the context of packaging activities with CDBS helpers, this 
> happens during "install" routine [5].
> The issue with these files is that they clash with the same files 
> provided by other packages (ie., a package for another activity with a 
> "mimetypes.xml" file like StopWatch [6]), and this prevents the 
> packages from being installed.
> The problem seems to be that bundlebuilder wasn't prepared to be used 
> like this. I prepared a patch [7] to prevent update-mime-database 
> execution, it will requires to include a "--no-mime-update" argument 
> to "./setup.py install" and to run update-mime-database in a further 
> step, after the package is being installed. What do you guys think of 
> this approach?
> There is also another issue with symlinks created by bundlebuilder [8] 
> when installing mimetypes.xml, but not sure how it can be solved yet.
> Regards,
> Martin.

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