[Pkg-sugar-devel] Bug#813258: Bug#813258: sugar-record-activity: Should sugar-record-activity be removed?

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Mon Feb 1 00:11:35 UTC 2016

How does code over time become dangerous? Unmaintained gstreamer 0.1 
works. I suspect that gbasic still works. It took essentially deliberate 
by Microsoft to kill Windows XP (e.g. uefi, claiming dangerous security 
holes - how can an organization with the programming resources of 
Microsoft continually produce dangerous code?).

The real problem is that gstreamer 1 requires the installation of the 
complete bad and ugly libraries where gstreamer 0.1 allowed the specfic 
codecs to be installed (this is important for an XO-1 with 1GB total 

I am only volunteering to continue to use gstreamer 0.1 until gstreamer 
1.0 is capable of replacing it. I am hardly eager to 'maintain' working 
code because it isn't modern. I would certainly be interested in the 
specific arguments that running the code is dangerous.


On 01/31/2016 05:58 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting Tony Anderson (2016-01-31 12:27:41)
>> However, I wonder what is a 'modern' gstreamer.
> GStreamer 1.0
>> Why would anyone remove a useful capability because it isn't up to
>> their parochial definition of 'modern'?
> "Someone" being the developers of GStreamer might consider their own
> creation to no longer be interesting to maintain.  If noone else steps
> up to take over maintainer of their old code, then that code over time
> becomes *DANGEROUS* to run - which arguably is the case now for
> GStreamer 0.10.
> Are you volunteering to maintain GStreamer 0.10, or are you aware of
> anyone who is?
>> Why should the very limited resources available to Sugar be forced to
>> divert their efforts to this 'modernization'?
> Core Sugar (at some point called "Sucrose") currently "forces" the use
> of GStreamer 1.0, so if you want Sugar to stay with GStreamer 0.10 then
> you will need to not only find someone to take over maintenance of
> GStreamer 0.10, but also convince Sugar developers to revert to GTK+ 2.x
> and GStreamer 0.10 - or fork Sugar (similar to how Mate forked an old
> GTK+ 2.x version of GNOME).
>> Would you remove all of the Python code in Sugar because it isn't
>> written in modern Python 3? Should we remove Scratch because it isn't
>> Scratch 2? Should we stop using Moodle because it isn't Moodle 2?
> Debian is a _library_ of sourcecode.  Please target those questions at
> the various _upstreams_ of the sourcecode, as those are the ones in
> power of deciding which toolkits, widget sets etc. to use.
>   - Jonas

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