[Pkg-sugar-devel] [Debian-olpc-devel] How to build for XO1 and XO1.5 ?

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Sun Apr 2 16:09:04 UTC 2017

Hi Tony,

Sugar already support with newer Webkit2, it just requires fresher
versions than are available on Fedora 18.

Jappy works well in Sugar+Debian.

The wish is for availability of an installable image for XO and other
machines. Hopefully the people with the expertise will find the time
(including me!).



On 02/04/17 02:54, Tony Anderson wrote:
> Hi, Sebastian
> I am not up on the status of the GSOC program this year, but perhaps
> one of the cadidates could take on a project to update Browse to a
> current version of WebKit.
> Tony
> On 04/02/2017 02:31 PM, Sebastian Silva wrote:
>> Hi Tony,
>> I've been meaning to reply but have had reserves wanting to avoid
>> wandering too far off topic.
>> Indeed I'm using a transpiler to build Jappy Activity [1]. It works
>> wonderfully but I'm still lacking features for a release.
>> [1] https://github.com/somosazucar/artisan
>> Today I spent way too many hours trying to get Webkit1 engine as
>> packaged in OLPC OS fedora 18 based distribution for XO1.5 to run my
>> activity.
>> I've come to the conclusion that it will likely never happen, Webkit1
>> is way too old.
>> Trying Webkit2 causes a crash (guess that's why it's off by default).
>> It occurs to me that Debian on XO might be a way forward out of being
>> stuck in Fedora 18. As it stands, XO users won't be able to run Jappy.
>> Regards,
>> Sebastian
>> On 23/03/17 22:02, Tony Anderson wrote:
>>> Hi, Sebastian
>>> I am curious how you are planning to teach python programming in
>>> html5. I read there is a
>>> javascript interpreter for python - are you using that?
>>> I gather from your comment that you also are inflicted with the 2gb
>>> XO-1.5s. These are also the ones available in Rwanda (the customer
>>> was never informed of the difference between machines with 2GB and
>>> 4GB). Sadly the 0.110 image does not install on these machines.
>>> James Cameron made a special image which does install which is being
>>> used in Rwanda.
>>> Have you looked at Al Sweigart's books - which he has licensed with
>>> Creative Commons (http://inventwithpython.com/). I have a tutorial
>>> which builds
>>> from hello world to using his games as examples. First the game is
>>> run in python (Terminal activity). Then the game is run in Pippy.
>>> From Pippy, the student can export his code as a Sugar activity.
>>> Note: the third book (/Making Games with Python & Pygame) /covers
>>> graphical games which in principle can run in sugar with sugargame.
>>> I would be very interested in a Debian image of Sugar built from
>>> Debian repository which installs on a Raspberry Pi or Intel
>>> architecture PC. Such an image should eliminate the need for an
>>> independent Ubuntu image reducing Sugar Labs potential support
>>> burden. I am not clear how code from Sugar Labs github currently
>>> gets to the Debian repository to allow such an image to match a
>>> Sugar Labs release (e.g. 0.100).
>>> Tony
>>> On 03/24/2017 10:34 AM, Sebastian Silva wrote:
>>>> On 18/03/17 09:35, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>>>>> For the record I believe it _is_ possible to build legally distributable 
>>>>> Debian-derived images for XO laptops, and I am interested in doing it.
>>>> Your enthusiasm nudged me to discover I had a SD card running Jessie on
>>>> XO1.5 since a year ago.
>>>> In January 2016 I was enthusiastic about an image that George Hunt
>>>> published with MATE. At that moment my XO1.5 keyboard starting
>>>> malfunctioning badly so I could not continue tests.
>>>> For a while I could try it, but only had firmware working for wifi a
>>>> little while and then tried upgrading to stretch. It seems to have
>>>> succeeded (gets to X11) but several systemd services complain, and
>>>> firmware is no longer accepted (although md5 signature is the same).
>>>> At this time my interest is the following.
>>>> I will be doing a workshop to teach python programming to teenagers.
>>>> I've written an HTML5 activity for it and I would like to run it in
>>>> Sugar 0.110 (and Sugarizer). I have secured 6 classmate pc laptops to
>>>> make our classroom laboratory. I would like to build and manage a Debian
>>>> image to install in these laptops.
>>>> And so I am thinking my laboratory integration efforts should be
>>>> replicable and redistributable so as to not make an effort for only 6
>>>> teenagers at a time. I'm experimenting with debian-live for making a
>>>> debian live image (to "flash" into the internal 4gb memory). The more
>>>> common XO1.5 models have only a 2gb internal memory. I had a good
>>>> experience recently flashing a live image to internal flash storage
>>>> (with http://primtux.fr/). Persistence can be achieved with an external
>>>> flash or a server.
>>>> I think currently making SugarBlend is a wish of my own as a teacher in
>>>> Videogame programing workshops that I want to make as soon as I have my
>>>> tools in place.
>>>> Your guidance is gladly accepted. I'm trying again a live-builder build
>>>> and will report issues here or in debian-live as appropriate.
>>>> Thanks and regards!
>>>> Sebastian

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