[Pkg-sugar-devel] Bug#868296: Bug#868296: sugar-browse-activity: Unusable package sugar installs by default in Xfce

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Jul 14 10:20:10 UTC 2017

something wrong with dependencies is my guess.

sugar-browse-activity is best used within the Sugar desktop, which
is the sucrose package on Debian.

sugar-activity provided by python-sugar3 package does not work
very well outside the Sugar user interface shell; just tried it then
and huge traceback because python-carquinyol wasn't installed, but
that's a recommends for python-jarabe so my mistake.

python-carquinyol installed and the sugar-browse-activity starts up,
but without any window manager decorations (in wmaker), because it is
written to be used within the Sugar desktop, which is a fullscreen app
design without windows.

sugar-browse-activity does suggest python-jarabe for the user
interface shell; perhaps it should require or recommend instead.

upstream has some more details if you're interested, see


not surprised forums didn't know, see also


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