[Pkg-sugar-devel] Bug#886043: Sugar GConf removal patches

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Apr 2 01:03:46 UTC 2018


Upstream has landed patches for each of these bugs, and a patch for
src:python-sugar3 that doesn't have a bug yet.

for src:sugar #886040 cherry-pick from 38b173d ("jarabe, extensions -
remove GConf compatibility").

for src:sugar-browse-activity #886041 use v202 release, or cherry-pick
a7f2e19 ("Add Gio.Settings for home-page") and fadd3a3 ("Port from
GConf to Gio.Settings").

for src:sugar-read-activity #886042 cherry-pick 225983e ("Port from

for src:sugar-write-activity #886042 cherry-pick 6bd08c5 ("Port from
GConf - font face and size) and 2663064 ("Port from GConf - speech
rate and pitch").

for src:python-sugar3 (NO BUG NUMBER) cherry-pick 30139a3
("sugar3.speech - remove GConf compatibility support").

My thanks to Rahul Bothra and Yash Agrawal (BCC'd) for review and

James Cameron

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