[Pkg-sugar-devel] Debian Sugar package maintenance moving forward

Alex Perez aperez at alexperez.com
Mon May 13 03:48:05 BST 2019


Thanks. See my comments below regarding the known collaboration bugs in 
0.112, which have been fixed in 0.113. Is there really no web interface 
for filing Debian bugs? This seems bizarre.

Jonas Smedegaard wrote on 5/10/19 5:53 PM:
> Hi Alex,
> NB! No need to cc us discretely, we are both subscribed to the list :-)
> Quoting Alex Perez (2019-05-10 19:37:08)
>> Hi there, I sit on the Sugar Labs Oversight Board, and would like to
>> offer to help with packaging of Sugar on Debian, since it doesn't seem
>> to have gotten much love in the last few years.
>> For some time now, the default version of Sugar for Debian is 0.110,
>> and 0.112 is only available via unstable.  Since the release of Sugar
>> 0.113 earlier this year, we have a strong desire to see this version,
>> or its successor, 0.114, which is yet to be released, but coming soon,
>> integrated into Debian Stable, if possible. There are some fairly
>> critical bugs, associated with collaboration and remote presence,
>> which were fixed in 0.113.
>> Since many people are trying Sugar on Raspbian, we _really_ need them
>> to have a good first experience, and not a bug-riddled one.
>> What do I need to do to join the Sugar Debian package maintenance
>> team? Are both of you still committed to package maintenance of Sugar,
>> or would you prefer to retire from, or abdicate, these
>> responsibilities?
>> I noticed recently that Sugar was marked for autoremoval from testing,
>> due to a single library which doesn't support ipv6. Is there any way
>> to override this default behavior, such that these packages can still
>> be built in testing?
>> https://alioth-lists.debian.net/pipermail/pkg-sugar-devel/2019-February/001316.html
> Great that you offer to help maintain Sugar for Debian!
> To join the team, please join our team at Salsa as described at
> https://wiki.debian.org/Sugar#Development
> Upcoming stable release of Debian will include Sugar 0.112.  To get
> newer releases or specific commits from newer releases included with
> upcoming or current stable Debian, convincing arguments need to be
> documented in a bugreport, and Debian release managers need to be
> convinced that the reported issue(s) are enough reason to include the
> changes.
Okay. Unfortunately, collaboration and presence features are completely 
broken with 0.112, and were fixed in 0.113. Since this is a core piece 
of functionality, while Sugar itself loads and runs, the collaborative 
aspects of all activities can not be used, which is highly unfortunate.

See the release e-mail from March 13, 2019: 
> I am still interested in maintaining Sugar for Debian.
That's great to hear.
>   - Jonas

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