[Pkg-systemd-maintainers] Bug#715060: piuparts errors: unowned files left after de-installation

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Thu Nov 7 07:52:58 GMT 2013

Am 07.11.2013 08:23, schrieb Michael Stapelberg:

>> In addition to this dh_systemd/ish manage stuff in /etc/systemd,
>> creating missing directories if neccessary - which is wrong imho since
>> these directories are also owned by other packages. So the management of
>> these directories should be left to dpkg by just shipping an empty
>> directory tree in /etc/systemd with everything that is needed.
> To be clear, the package on behalf of which d-s-h creates directories
> should rather ship those directories itself is what you’re saying? That
> will require some additional logic in dh_systemd_enable to figure those
> out at package build time.

That doesn't sound right. No package (besides systemd) should ship
anything in /etc/systemd.
Packages which do ship service files, directories or symlinks in
/etc/systemd are to be considered buggy imo. They should be relying on
i-s-h to manage those symlinks and create the corresponding .wants
directories on demand.

We currently do have a few remaining packages which ship files in
/etc/systemd. Those should be fixed.

We could ship /etc/systemd/system in i-s-h, but would that help?

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