[Pkg-systemd-maintainers] [RFC] cups systemd socket activation patch

Didier 'OdyX' Raboud odyx at debian.org
Tue Feb 18 15:18:58 UTC 2014

Hi dear systemd maintainers,
(please make sure to CC debian-printing and pkg-systemd-maintainers when 

as suggested by Michael on IRC, here I am with my initial import of 
Lennart's patch to enable socket activation in CUPS. The current status 
can be fetched from the master-systemd branch on the cups packaging 


I have also attached the quilt patch (but the commit has the currently 
needed packaging tweaks to make this work.

As I mentionned in the patch header, I fetched this patch from Gentoo 
because their version copes with systemd not being pid 1 (which Fedora's 
version doesn't).

Does the patch look sane enough for inclusion? Is the packaging 
machinery around it good?

Also, there are some open upgrading questions:

* /etc/default/cups handles LOAD_LP_MODULE to enable or disable the 
loading of the "lp" module for parallel printers; how should this be 
* /etc/init.d/cups handles a udev trigger which commit message was:
> debian/cups.init.d: Trigger udev event for all USB printers right
> after starting the CUPS daemon to run the udev callouts for the
> printers. This allows automatic print queue setup and re-enabling
> print queues also if the printer is cold-plugged (connected before
> CUPS and/or udev got started).
How would this be handled in the systemd scheme?

Besides that, there was nothing obvious that I could see and a test-
print here worked.

Thanks in advance for any comments, cheers,

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