Bug#807456: mention how to abort, right there in the message

積丹尼 Dan Jacobson jidanni at jidanni.org
Wed Dec 9 03:04:06 GMT 2015

I see, each one has a potentially different time:
# systemctl show dictd -p TimeoutStopUSec

However you should still have the "A stop job is running" message:
1) prefix itself with the name of the package (systemd) making the
2) mention how to abort (four fingers placed on what keys) in order to
not scramble ones disks, in case one wants to go home.

All commands should mention how to safely abort.
No, the user might need to pull the plug now and take the disks with
There might be a fire and he needs to leave now.

Forcing him to pull the power cord will guarantee data loss and thus
would make this a grave bug.

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