Bug#808151: systemd: failed to start remount root and kernel file system

Frank B. Brokken f.b.brokken at rug.nl
Thu Dec 17 12:46:43 GMT 2015

Dear Michael Biebl, you wrote:

> What happens afterwards? Are you dropped into the rescue shell?

Afterwards (i.e., after the initial failure message) the system tries to
continue booting, but shows lots of failure messages, eventually grinding to a
halt. No reboot (e.g. ctrl-alt-del) is possible and there's no rescue shell.

> If not, try to enable the debug shell by adding "systemd.debug-shell" to
> the kernel command line. This will give you a root shell on tty9.

Unfortunately, it doesn't, since the system halts (I first removed the
automatic reboot on failure).

However, during the process I observed that setting systemd.debug-shell and
removing the default 'quiet' specification from grub's /etc/default/grub (so,
now it specifies:


greatly reduces the chances of a failing boot. Not completely, but
greatly. Still, when rebooting fails there's just the plain halt, w/o a debug
shell. Since removing the quiet also produces a lot more output on the screen,
might my problem not simply be some timing problem?

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