Bug#776485: systemd: Enable readahead by default

Ivan Baldo ibaldo at adinet.com.uy
Sun Feb 1 00:02:44 GMT 2015

     Hello Michael!

El 30/01/15 a las 01:01, Michael Biebl escibió:
> Am 30.01.2015 um 03:41 schrieb Ivan Baldo:
>> El 28/01/15 a las 13:36, Michael Biebl escibió:
> Unfortunately, there is not much we can do downstream. At least I
> wouldn't want to re-surrect the code and ship it as a downstream patch.
> That would be quite unmaintainable.
     100% agreed!!!

> Myself, I'm using a SSD, so personally I never bothered to enable readahead.
> The best chances to have is probably raising this issue on the upstream
> mailing list. Although I would not be too optimistic.
     They are asking for a maintainer, so if someone wants it then it 
should step up and declare so, that means testing it in every release I 
     What I fail to see, is if this code is so problematic or so 
troublesome to maintain, because if it just works and doesn't need 
changes then it doesn't need too much testing and they could just keep 
it and if someone reports some failure then activate it on an SSD and 
see if it fails and if it is easy to fix, if its not then they could 
just drop the code then, but just dropping it because they don't use 
it.... if its there and working then why?, just keep it and somebody 
will tell soon enough if it stops working...
     Its like dropping support for 32 bits x86 kernels and userspace 
because developers don't use it anymore...

>>> I'm tagging the bug wontfix for now, but I'm inclined to just close,
>>> since going forward, it probably doesn't make sense to keep it open.
>>      Should be closed yes.
>>      Maybe you would like to add the command to the README.Debian in
>> Jessie for the people that wants to try it and of course warn that it
>> was removed in v217, to make it a bit more visible.
> We were actually considering to already disable readahead for jessie, so
> people don't get used to it and are then disappointed in jessie+1.
     Oh! I am glad you didn't disable it!!! Please keep it for Jessie, 
it is working wonderfully.
     For Jessie+1 then of course it should be dropped, if in two years I 
am still using a hard disk I may give it a try to resurrect it in 
whatever Systemd we have then and try to convince upstream to include 
it, but I am pretty sure I will be using an SSD by then (and you may be 
using memristors, heh! :-) ).

> It's probably a bit late to do that now, but adding a note to
> README.Debian that readahead is going away in jessie, might be compromise.
     Indeed, sounds like a good idea, but put the magic commands to 
enable it too, it is working and there is no reason to not enable it if 
someone is using a hard disk to boot.

     Thanks a lot for all your replies and all the hard work you do in 
maintaining Systemd! It surely isn't easy, so really: THANKS A LOT!
     You rock!

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