Bug#755722: systemd must sync systemclock to RTC on shutdown

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Tue Feb 17 05:42:38 GMT 2015

Hello Eric,

Eric L. [2015-02-17  1:24 +0100]:
> Perhaps just a bit too late for me, but how would package vdr be
> handled, which does _optionally_ set the system clock from the TV
> signal.

Note that not starting timesyncd if ntp etc. are installed is mostly
an optimization, to avoid multiple unnecessary time syncs and wakeups.
But we don't need to be exact here: timesyncd automatically adjusts
the period after which it wakes up and sets the clock based on the
previous inaccuracy. Thus if the clock keeps being correct because
something else sets it regularly, it will hardly ever wake up.

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