Bug#755722: systemd must sync systemclock to RTC on shutdown

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Tue Feb 17 05:44:28 GMT 2015

Hey Josh,

Josh Triplett [2015-02-16 17:37 -0800]:
> Seems like systemd could take a lesson from Debian packaging metadata
> here.  Every mail transport agent, rather than conflicting with every
> other, has a "Provides: mail-transport-agent" and "Conflicts:
> mail-transport-agent", specifically because they all want to provide
> /usr/sbin/sendmail and (usually) listen on port 25.

Note that openntpd and chrony both have a Provides: time-daemon, but
ntp doesn't.

> Unit files could do something similar, if systemd had an appropriate
> "virtual service" mechanism.

It does, it's called "Alias=" (man systemd.unit). We use it for
display-manager already (kind of, as we also have to support the old
/etc/X11/default-display-manager config file).


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