Bug#759001: [systemd-devel] sysv-generator: doesn't handle /etc/insserv/overrides or /etc/chkconfig.d

Christian Seiler christian at iwakd.de
Tue Feb 17 22:43:28 GMT 2015

Am 17.02.2015 um 13:04 schrieb Christian Seiler:
> Thinking about it, perhaps we could use Documentation=? Just add a
> Documentation=file:///etc/insserv/overrides/$NAME? Then at least
> systemctl status will show the information. Not perfect, but
> probably better than nothing...
>> Somehow I think we should make clear though, that this is a
>> transitional
>> measure and parsing of insserv overrides is not going to be supported
>> forever.
> Then perhaps write out a INFO priority log message (the lowest one
> that's still higher than DEBUG), saying that the override was used
> but is deprecated? And add a logcheck-ignore rule for this message,
> since this is something the administrator should see when looking
> at the logs, but not be reminded of every time systemctl
> daemon-reload is executed.
> Thoughts?

I've implemented both of these and attached a modified version of
the patch. Do you have any objections? If not, I'll ask for pre-
approval by the release team.


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