Bug#778620: systemd: Add "less" to suggests or recommends

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Wed Feb 18 06:31:57 GMT 2015

Hello Floris,

floris [2015-02-17 15:47 +0100]:
> from man journalctl:
> The output is paged through less by default, and long lines are "truncated" to
> screen width. The hidden part can be viewed by using the left-arrow and right-
> arrow keys.

In particular it's $PAGER, and it defaults to less. But I'm not sure
whether we should add a suggests to it -- it rather seems like if you
really have a minimal system without any pager, then you probably have
a good reason for it. Also, systemd is installed by default, so
chances are high that a user would never actually see the suggestion.

So I'm inclined to wontfix and/or close this. But this isn't a strong
opinion, adding a Suggests: less is fairly harmless after all.

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