Bug#796603: keyboard-configuration: Has init script in runlevel S but no matching service file

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Tue Sep 1 21:54:58 BST 2015

Am 01.09.2015 um 19:38 schrieb Felipe Sateler:
> On 1 September 2015 at 14:05, Anton Zinoviev <anton at lml.bas.bg> wrote:
>> On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 03:18:17PM -0300, Felipe Sateler wrote:
>>> Does console-setup actually need to be run before user services are
>>> started? My guess is that it only needs to run before getty, but it
>>> should not block other services that want to start.
>> It should run before fsck.
> That is definitely not what the init script says[1]:
> # Provides:          console-setup
> # Required-Start:    $remote_fs

Right, the $remote_fs dependency means it's actually started pretty late.
I guess what Anton meant was keyboard-setup.

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