Bug#807878: Re[2]: gnome: Gnome freezes when root windows are open on user screen.

Vlad Orlov monsta at inbox.ru
Thu Apr 14 14:24:09 BST 2016

> I've tried most if not all of those instructions without being able to
> reproduce.
> If someone can provide the exact environment under which this is
> reproducle, then this would certainly help.

Please read the mentioned comments. I didn't just list the comments
with "me too". I've chosen the comments where steps to reproduce
are mentioned - and environment is described as well.

In almost all cases it's simply a Jessie installation with GNOME 3.14.

One of the users even mentioned how he installed the system on
several different machines and immediately managed to reproduce
the bug.

What about other maintainers? No one can reproduce the bug, or
no one actually tried?

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