Bug#807878: gnome: Gnome freezes when root windows are open on user screen.

Edilson Azevedo edilsona6 at aim.com
Thu Apr 21 21:46:37 BST 2016

 Hi everyone!

<<< I cannot reproduce the problem anymore.  >>>

I opened some user apps: smplayer playing radio, system monitor, gnome terminal and
two root terminals and synaptic. I used 3 workspaces and I could move freely from one another, either hitting the upper left hand corner or clicking on Activities.

I also put top to run as root on <ctrl-alt-F1> and sudo tail /var/log/messages to run on <ctrl-alt-F2> as user, just to give machine some extra work. System is fine.

As information:
- I downloaded Debian 8.2.0 DVDs at Nov 8th, 2015 about.
- Just because of the problem, I made a second installation full format, etc.
- I changed video from i915 on-board to PCIe nVidia (i915 blacklist);
- I used both nouveau and proprietary nVidia drivers.
- I changedback to i915 on board only.
The freeze problem was always there! Then I explored the logs and sent the bug report.

As I use to update my system manually in a regular basis I believe the updates took care of the problem.
By now, my job doesn't give me a chance to install without updates and try again. Unfortunately, no time for that.

Now I'm glad with my Gigabyte Z97N-D3H board running fine Debian 8.2.0 Gnome.

Thanks for your reply, sorry for the inconvenience I did not plan to give you.


Edilson Azevedo
edilsona6 at aim.com



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 Guys, I'm overwhelmed now. Too many things in a short time, trips and so on.
By now I'm not using any root window inside user login - just to make sure I'll not have troubles.

I will try in a near future (April 21st?) and answer you. Sorry.


Edilson Azevedo
edilsona6 at aim.com



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Linux dell 3.16.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt25-2 (2016-04-08)
x86_64 GNU/Linux
Debian 8.4
Gnome 3.14

If you need other infos, I'll answer.

Il 14/04/2016 15:24, Vlad Orlov ha scritto:
>> I've tried most if not all of those instructions without being able to
>> reproduce.
>> If someone can provide the exact environment under which this is
>> reproducle, then this would certainly help.
> Please read the mentioned comments. I didn't just list the comments
> with "me too". I've chosen the comments where steps to reproduce
> are mentioned - and environment is described as well.
> In almost all cases it's simply a Jessie installation with GNOME 3.14.
> One of the users even mentioned how he installed the system on
> several different machines and immediately managed to reproduce
> the bug.
> What about other maintainers? No one can reproduce the bug, or
> no one actually tried?

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