Bug#822151: Make rc-local.service Type=idle

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Mon Apr 25 10:00:09 BST 2016

Hello again,

Martin Pitt [2016-04-21 17:05 +0200]:
> Michael Biebl [2016-04-21 16:43 +0200]:
> > The old /etc/init.d/rc.local has
> > # Required-Start: $all
> > 
> > Our compat rc-local.service is imho started too early during boot.
> > Maybe it would be better if we changed that to Type=idle for better
> > compatibility with the old insserv/LSB based boot?
> That's a brilliant idea! I wasn't aware of Type=idle until now.

On second thought, this might actually cause regressions:

 - There's a bunch of services which run after rc-local.service, such
   as console-shell.service, *-getty at .service, and
   plymouth-quit-wait.service. This sounds like a potential dependency

 - Type=idle is similar to Type=simple, i. e. if /etc/rc.local starts
   long-running stuff in the foreground this is currently not blocking
   as we use Type=forking. With Type=idle, the unit would be
   "starting" indefinitely, and services that wait for it would never
   start (see above).


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