Bug#765175: systemd init script integration: status action should use --lines=0

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Thu Apr 28 21:56:48 BST 2016

Control: retitle -1 systemd init script integration: status action should disable pager
Control: severity -1 important
Control: tag -1 pending

Hello Gerben,

Gerben Meijer [2016-04-28 21:12 +0200]:
> For example, on a 'vagrant up' with a Vagrantfile using an nfs
> synced_folder, vagrant will invoke '/etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server status'
> for each VM it is bringing up that has such a config. Systemctl then invokes
> a pager for every VM, effectively halting the process until the user exits
> the pager. It isn't even clear that a pager is invoked.

Indeed, that's a nuisance.
> So please raise the priority on this as it seems only logical to have
> traditional init scripts not invoke a pager when passing the 'status'
> argument; using --lines=0 is a viable solution and likely better than
> --no-pager.

I disagree. --lines=0 still invokes a pager if the init.d script has a
lot of non-journal information. E. g. "/etc/init.d/networking status"
still opens a pager with --lines=0.

It's also the wrong fix -- it might be argued that we don't want/need
journal output for this case for some corner-case performance reasons,
but for the most part this is pretty useful. What we really want (for
this bug report anyway) is to disable the pager. So I committed





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