Bug#832713: systemd: after "systemd (231-1) unstable" update systemd-jurnald.service fails to start

Felipe Sateler fsateler at debian.org
Fri Aug 12 16:40:32 BST 2016

On 12 August 2016 at 11:05, Pete Batard <pete at akeo.ie> wrote:
> Thanks Felipe.
> I installed libsystemd0_231-2_armhf.deb but shouldn't there be a
> systemd_231-2_armhf.deb as well? Strangely there's a
> systemd-dbgsym_231-2_armhf.deb but no non-dbgsym version, as opposed to
> other .debs.

Sorry about that. Somehow that deb didn't get uploaded from my machine.

> The .dsc does mention a 'systemd' binary, and earlier, the idea was to
> install 'libsystemd0' and 'systemd' from the generated debs.
> For the time being, I'm not sure if I should just go ahead and install the
> dbgsym version, or if there's still one piece missing.
> Please let me know before I proceed.

No, the -dbgsym version only contains debugging symbols, not the
actual executables.


Felipe Sateler

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