Bug#832713: systemd: after "systemd (231-1) unstable" update systemd-jurnald.service fails to start

Felipe Sateler fsateler at debian.org
Sat Sep 3 00:38:26 BST 2016

On 30 August 2016 at 13:43, Felipe Sateler <fsateler at debian.org> wrote:
> On 30 August 2016 at 13:32, Pete Batard <pete at akeo.ie> wrote:
>> On 2016.08.30 17:30, Felipe Sateler wrote:
>>> I managed to get the config from a jessie rpi by loading the 'configs'
>>> module (sudo modprobe configs). After that the config is found on
>>> /proc/config.gz
>> Yeah, I just discovered the same after I replied.
>> This is also documented on the official rpi github repo:
>> https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware/issues/442
>> I am  therefore attaching the config.gz for my current kernel.
> OK. So there is CONFIG_SECCOMP but no CONFIG_SECCOMP_FILTER. The first
> leads to having Seccomp: 0 in the status file, but then no filter
> support means that any actual program systemd tries to load fails.
> BTW, it might be a good idea to file an issue to the raspbian people
> so that they enable CONFIG_SECCOMP_FILTER, or disable SECCOMP
> entirely.
> I think I will be able to reproduce the issue now.

It took a while to reproduce (it was not obvious how to produce a
kernel with seccomp but no filtering), but I managed to reproduce.
Patch is up for review upstream:


Felipe Sateler

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