Bug#774153: Seems to still be present

Paul Tagliamonte paultag at debian.org
Tue Sep 20 23:27:14 BST 2016

found 774153 215-17+deb8u5
tags 774153 - moreinfo
retitle 774153 systemd-tty-ask-password hangs udev postinst until daemon-reexec is run

A friend of mine hit this bug, and it presented in a pretty nasty way.
Some details:

The system was running Jessie, and upgraded from Wheezy when Jessie came
out. The system was restarted 8 days ago, and had this issue present
itself when systemd/udev was updated. The system was running
215-17+deb8u4 before installing 215-17+deb8u5.

In udev's postinst, it asks for a udev stop, which winds up hanging
because systemctl is asking systemd-tty-ask-password-agent for something.

This causes dpkg to hang because the postinst hangs. This wound up
causing a bit of a headache in an (routine!) stable upgrade, and this
caused a friend bunch of lost time to strace trying to track this one

After a bit of digging, I came accross this bug which sounded similar
enough that I tried a `systemctl daemon-reexec`. This wound up fixing
udev from blocking, and let my friend finish the system upgrade.

I'm not totally sure what's going on here since this is a Jessie ->
Jessie upgrade, and the version went from 215-17+deb8u4 ->
215-17+deb8u5, which makes mismatches in systemctl and the running
systemd a bit suspect in my mind (same upstream version, right?)

As such, I've retitled the bug according to my latest understanding of
this problem. I've also removed the moreinfo tag.

I've attached an strace of the stop that was sent to me, I've CC'd
weaver as well. Happy to provide more thoughts, but I don't know how to
reproduce this, so I tried to dump as much as I know about the failure

FWIW, this seems like it is still a bug that impacts stable -- I don't
want to play severity ping-pong, but bumping this above normal might be
worth it.

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