Bug#820088: fixed in systemd-cron 1.5.4-2

Alexandre Detiste alexandre.detiste at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 15:02:13 GMT 2017

control: tag -1 +pending


I should have read dpkg-statoverride's man page more carefully.

>   --remove path
>       Remove  an  override  for  path,
>       the  status  of  path  is left unchanged by this command.  <---

There's now a fix in git repository.

I'll upload this after the freeze.

Greets & thank you,

Alexandre Detiste

2017-03-22 14:58 GMT+01:00 Alexander Kurtz <alexander at kurtz.be>:
> > Alexander Kurtz
> Ping?

--re-install does fix your system, because /usr/bin/crontab is first deleted
then the new one never get setgid.

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