Bug#858818: please consider implementing or at least documenting a headless-friendly emergency target

Michael Biebl email at michaelbiebl.de
Mon Mar 27 17:06:00 BST 2017

Am 27.03.2017 um 18:03 schrieb Michael Biebl:
> I don't think such a service needs to be part of ssh (or systemd for
> that matter), it might actually be better if that was shipped by a
> separate package, which can be installed on demand for cases likes your
> (and is ideally maintained by users of such functionality).
> Such a package could try to bring up the network by itself, by first
> trying to directly run NM , ifup or even attempting a simple dhclient.
> Directly, meaning not using the .service units which might have
> dependencies which might not be satisfied by emergency.target/rescue.target.
> Then it could try to start an SSH server (with possibly a minimal
> config). It could even try different implementations, like openssh,
> dropbear etc.
> Again, I think this is not something which necessarily has to live in
> the systemd package.

I want to add, that this topic came up during debconf 2015, and the
suggestions I made above are what I remember to be the summary what
other people, like hmh, suggested.

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