Bug#859152: libsystemd-dev: Dependency error, lib-dev should not depend on systemd

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Fri Mar 31 02:08:07 BST 2017

Am 31.03.2017 um 01:16 schrieb Arthur Gautier:
> Package: libsystemd-dev
> Version: 232-22
> Severity: normal
> Dear maintainer,
> One should be able to install libsystemd and libsystemd-dev without having
> systemd.
> When using a build machine with sysvinit instead of systemd, we can't build
> packages depending on libsystemd-dev without installing first systemd.

That shouldn't be a huge issue,fwiw. systemd itself doesn't change your
init system.

> libsystemd-dev is only headers for the library and should not depend
> on the binary itself. I believe this is an error. Would it be possible
> to avoid such dependency?
> I believe it to be caused by files shipped with libsystemd-dev in the
> /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/systemd/tests/ directory, some of them depends on
> libsystemd-shared.so which is shipped by systemd package.

Your analysis seems correct.

Imo the only clean solution is to split out the tests into a separate
package systemd-tests, which then can have a strictly versioned
dependency on systemd (= ${binary:Version})

Martin wasn't overly happy with adding yet another binary, but another
benefit would be that the 13M of test executables wouldn't be pulled in
when installing libsystemd-dev.

Given that we are in freeze, this probably something for buster though.


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