Bug#858149: systemd-nspawn: ephemeral flag ignored with raw images

Antoine Musso hashar at free.fr
Tue May 2 13:29:50 BST 2017

On 28/04/17 22:18, Michael Biebl wrote:
> Well, not release critical, but something we might fix indeed.
> Antoine, have to tested the commit
> 0f3be6ca4dbbac8350cd8f10a8968d31f7bc13b6 applied on top of v232 to fix
> the issue you have?


No I haven't tested it and I have not tried to cherry pick patches on 
v232.  Looks like there are more commits related, the pull request on 
github having all of:

$ git log --oneline 1a1b13c95..c5c755e1b
c5c755e1b Merge pull request #4693 from poettering/nspawn-ephemeral
acbbf69b7 nspawn: don't require chown() if userns is not on
17cbb288f nspawn: add fallback top normal copy/reflink when we cannot 
btrfs snapshot
c67b00827 nspawn: remove temporary root directory on exit
6a0f896b9 nspawn: try to wait for the container PID 1 to exit, before we 
b6e953f24 nspawn: add ability to run nspawn without container locks applied
546dbec53 shared: make sure image_path_lock() return parameters are 
always initialized on success
0f3be6ca4 nspawn: support ephemeral boots from images

Antoine Musso

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