Bug#717388: [Pkg-systemd-maintainers] Bug#717388: Please enable persistent journal

David H. Gutteridge dhgutteridge at sympatico.ca
Tue May 23 02:09:56 BST 2017

Having read through the discussion in this bug report, I understand
why persistent journald logging isn't enabled in Jessie or Stretch
(both of which I've started using recently), but it would perhaps be
helpful to users coming from other distros (in my case, Fedora) if
there was more readily available documentation concerning this whole
subject. I realize there's a document that covers this in
/usr/share/doc/systemd/, but official Debian content available online
would help. (Perhaps there is some, but if so, I couldn't find
anything, only scattered blog posts. And relying upon Google to
search for Debian bug reports is sub-optimal, in my experience.)


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