Bug#862490: systemd 232-22 hangs with watchdog timeout, kills self with SIGABRT

Mike Edwards pf-debian-bugs at mirkwood.net
Sat May 13 17:02:41 BST 2017

On Sat, May 13, 2017 at 05:29:13PM +0200, Michael Biebl babbled thus:
> But this is systemd-logind, not systemd, which doesn't respond.
> And apparently systemd is still active, otherwise it couldn't kill the
> non-responsing systemd-logind process.
> Where exactly does systemd crash? Where is the data loss?
> Please provide more details.
> If you can't access the system via network, it sounds more like a kernel
> problem, maybe hardware or Xrelated.
> If systemd/PID 1 crashes, it would only freeze itself, but the system
> would still be running and accessible via the network.
> So my guess is, that the problem you see is not related to systemd at all.

It's possible - this is the only information I have on this crash for
the moment.  It's definitely indicitiave of the problem occuring, as
nfs shares from the VMs running on here stop responding immediately
after the watchdog fires.

What can I do to further track down the cause of this issue?

X isn't running on here - this is a system that's meant to run
headless, and as such, there's only a text login prompt at any
given time on the console.

The data loss I referenced is the system becoming unresponsive, and
failing to write cached data to disk.

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