Bug#863710: journald's most recent entries

defanor defanor at uberspace.net
Wed May 31 02:12:15 BST 2017

> I don't quite see the issue here. Can you please elaborate?

Note the timestamps. In the first example, the last entry was from May
29 23:05:13 when the last 14 entries were requested, but from May 30
07:05:03 when the last 12 were. The expected behaviour is that the last
entry is always the same (assuming that no new matching entries were
added between journalctl invocations), however many of the most recent
entries is requested.

In the second example, there seems to be a pattern: it skips the same
amount of repeated messages from the end as the number of entries that
is requested. The expected behaviour is that it doesn't skip anything
from the end, and prints the most recent entries, as described in

I've checked the second example again now, it still behaves that way
here -- just the timestamps get shifted, as was shown previously.

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