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I understand  you're considering things like that. There  is something awesome I've  just found for you,  simply take a look

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Back  during the combat  overhaul, I made several unsuccessful attempts to sell my core gaming group on combat system that  wasn't based on life.

The basic theory behind it was that any action you  perform in combat had a chance  of netting you  "victory points" or some other name I hadn't come up with.  When you get enough, you can cash them in for some major effect.

So  basically, you could pursue  victory however you  want.  Like, instead of firing arrows constantly,  you could spend turn after turn lining  up  a single shot. Then,  you  spend all of your  victory points to  loose  a single arrow that pierces the  target's eye and kills it. 

Idk, it was a pretty  rough idea so I'm not surprised that  I couldn't sell people on  it.

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