Bug#880158: systemd-container: machinectl incorrectly reports "No machines." when using --no-legend

Andreas Henriksson andreas at fatal.se
Tue Oct 31 08:45:24 GMT 2017

Control: fixed -1 235-2

Hello David Preece,

Thanks for your bug report.

On Mon, Oct 30, 2017 at 04:19:23AM +0000, David Preece wrote:
> Package: systemd-container
> Version: 232-25+deb9u1
> Severity: important

(What motivates this severity? I'd say minor is more suitable.)

> Running machinectl with the --no-legend flag causes it to report "No machines." *after* the actual list of machines.
> admin at ip-172-31-15-145:~$ machinectl --no-legend
> ctr-emVnH3DhH3rStx3g78sGyh container systemd-nspawn alpine 3.6.2
> No machines.

This is already fixed in upstream commit:


Not sure which exact version this first appeared in debian systemd
package, but atleast it's fixed in current sid version so marking

(Leaving the bug report still open, for maintainers to decide if they
think backporting the patch to a future stable upload would be

Andreas Henriksson

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