Bug#802211: RFC: wip patch to force sulogin on locked root accounts

Stijn van Drongelen rhymoid at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 23:07:40 BST 2017


> TL;DR...

Yes, I knew about that risk. But shorter messages have failed to draw
attention to a supposedly "important" bug.

I expected that the original patch was good to go, but I somehow forgot
that a 720+ day old patch is subject to bitrot. Please correct me if
I'm wrong, but wouldn't we now need (at least) three patches now to fix
this problem?

* We have to patch src/sulogin-shell/rescue.service.in and
  src/sulogin-shell/emergency.service.in in version 232 (the version in
* We have to patch src/sulogin-shell/systemd-sulogin-shell.in in
  version 234 (the version currently in stretch-backports and buster).
* We have to patch src/sulogin-shell/sulogin-shell.c in version 235
  (the version currently in sid).

I can probably find some more time in the coming week to contribute
to a solution. I do have a few comments in advance:

1) I want to stress that I believe that the only correct solution is
   an unconditional --force. Patches that do just that do not reduce
   the boot security of any plausible installation in any way, and are
   also much easier to implement correctly. The points below can be
   mostly ignored if we do this.
2) The "You are in rescue/emergency mode" message has to change
   depending on the setting: the mentioned login prompt won't be there
   when using --force.
3) I think it's much simpler to build two separate binaries (one that
   forces, one that doesn't) instead of dynamically adjusting
   a command line and a message based on the value of an environment
4) If you think it's likely (not merely possible) that supplying other
   options to sulogin will become necessary, then I think it makes more
   sense to pass sulogin-shell's arguments to sulogin and use getenv()
   to decide the label of the mode (rescue/emergency/potato), rather
   than the other way around.

Stijn van Drongelen

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