Bug#878768: systemd: *.dpkg-remove.service entries in systemctl

Martin von Wittich martin.von.wittich at iserv.eu
Tue Oct 17 15:16:13 BST 2017

Am 16.10.2017 um 17:52 schrieb Michael Biebl:
> systemd should already ignore files ending in dpkg-remove, see
> https://github.com/systemd/systemd/blob/master/src/basic/path-util.c#L808
> Not surprisingly, I was not able to reproduce your problem.
> Can you provide steps how I can reproduce the problem (ideally starting
> with pristine stretch installation)

Hmm, the affected server was only upgraded to stretch on 2017-10-14. 
Maybe it was the old systemd (215-17+deb8u7 according to the dpkg.log) 
that added these services during the upgrade to stretch, and the systemd 
in stretch would no longer do that?

Apparently ignoring *.dpkg-remove files was added with 
c7088e4999f2e5dd33259948c806f4e2706e77ce on 2015-01-21:


If I'm reading that correctly, that commit was only included with v219, 
so it seems likely that jessie's systemd was affected, but the version 
in stretch isn't. I'd say this bug report can be closed then. Thanks for 
taking the time trying to reproduce this issue, and sorry for wasting 
your time.

For others stumbling over this issue: I was able to get rid of the 
broken services by running "systemctl stop <servicename" for each dead 
service, e.g. "systemctl stop hdparm.dpkg-remove.service".

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