Bug#904913: systemd: systemctl cat 'foo*' (using shellglob patterns) only lists active units

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Sun Aug 5 09:02:44 BST 2018

Am 29.07.2018 um 15:32 schrieb Michael Prokop:

> 1) "systemctl cat ssh.service" NOT list its unit if it's not running, or
> 2) "systemctl cat 'ssh*'" *list* its unit file even if it's not running,
> but known to the sysstem (since `systemctl cat ssh.service` lists it too)?
> (JFTR, I wanted to report it to Debian's BTS before going towards
> upstream, though I'm more than happy to take care of this, though
> I'd appreciate your feedback before doing so.)

I don't see an immediate reason, why systemctl cat 'ssh*' should require
ssh.service to be active (the whole point of cat is, that it shows the
backing file on disk, which doesn't necessarily reflect the state in
So yes, this sounds like a bug to me and it would be great if you can
raise this upstream.


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