Bug#905528: Bug #905528,mount: nofail

Phillip Susi psusi at ubuntu.com
Thu Aug 23 17:59:43 BST 2018

reopen 905528
reassign 905528 util-linux
retitle 905528 nofail flag description misleading

I misunderstood the description before.  I interpreted it as using
nofail still causes boot failure.  After offline discussion with the
reporter, he was saying that the man page for mount and fstab both say
that the nofail flag means "do not report errors for this device if it
does not exist".  This is true for mount as it simply reports an error (
or not ) and moves on.  However, since systemd is doing the mounting
these days, its behavior without nofail is not to simply report an error
and move on, but to hold up the boot process waiting for the device to
appear.  It would be nice if at least the fstab man page would note the
systemd behavior so it does not make it sound like the only thing that
will happen if you don't use nofail is to get an error message.

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