new version of systemd seems to break autopkgtests of policykit-1, kwin and python-dbusmock

Paul Gevers elbrus at
Sat Jun 23 12:30:24 BST 2018

Dear systemd maintainers, all,

With the upload of version 239-1 of systemd the autopkgtests of the
policykit-1, kwin and python-dbusmock started to fail┬╣.

It appear that policykit-1 fails to install since the 239-1 version of
systemd with (in the unstable test run, in the testing test run as well
as in the python-dbusmock test run):
Setting up policykit-1 (0.105-20) ...
--runtime cannot be used with unmask
dpkg: error processing package policykit-1 (--configure):
 installed policykit-1 package post-installation script subprocess
returned error exit status 1
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of autopkgtest-satdep:
 autopkgtest-satdep depends on policykit-1; however:
  Package policykit-1 is not configured yet.

This looks very serious to me, can you, together with the maintainers of
the failing packages (which I CC'ed), please investigate if the failure
is really caused by systemd or if policykit-1 needs updating. In the
latter case, I think a "Breaks" in systemd is very much justified.
(Please let me know when this happens, I may have to help autopkgtest a
bit due to bug #896023).

In the kwin case, it is currently failing in unstable for some time
already and detected regressions in quite some packages in the KDE
stack, but the error in this test is different:
FAIL!  : KeyboardLayoutTest::testWindowPolicy() Compared values are not
the same
   Actual   (((xkb->layoutName())))

                                                 : "English (US)"
   Expected (([]() noexcept -> QString { enum { Size = sizeof(u""
"German")/2 - 1 }; static const QStaticStringData<Size> qstring_literal
= { { { { -1 } }, Size, 0, 0, sizeof(QStringData) }, u"" "German" };
QStringDataPtr holder = { qstring_literal.data_ptr() }; const QString
qstring_literal_temp(holder); return qstring_literal_temp; }())): "German"

More information about this email and the reason of it can be found on

Let me know if you need my help. Thanks for considering



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