Bug#902026: systemd: "systemctl start systemd-timesyncd.service" kills chrony

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Fri Jun 22 00:24:00 BST 2018

Am 21.06.2018 um 23:34 schrieb Francesco Poli:
> On Thu, 21 Jun 2018 22:52:37 +0200 Michael Biebl wrote:
> [...]
>> I would check the journal and try to correlate it with other events
>> based on the timestamp
> By looking at the journal timestamps and the root bash history, it
> really seems that chrony was stopped (and timesyncd was started) when I
> issued the commands:
>   # systemctl daemon-reexec
>   # service systemd-logind restart
> I will look more carefully next time, and I will check if/when chrony
> gets stopped.

Fwiw, I'm aware of

Your issue, at least how you described it, sounds different though.
If you explicitly start timesyncd, having chronyd stopped is totally

If you do have an alternative NTP client installed, the Conflicts should
be sufficient. To be sure timesyncd is not started during boot, you can
simply disable it though.

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