new version of systemd seems to break autopkgtests of policykit-1, kwin and python-dbusmock

Paul Gevers elbrus at
Sat Jun 23 13:38:06 BST 2018

Hi Michael,

On 23-06-18 13:44, Michael Biebl wrote:
> you are quick!


> Am 23.06.2018 um 13:30 schrieb Paul Gevers:

> I already tracked down the reason for the policykit-1 failure

Great, you're quick. ;)

> and it is
> indeed a regression/behaviour change in systemd. Another affected
> package is avahi-daemon (which also uses systemctl unmask --runtime),
> unfortunately it doesn't have an autopkgtest yet.
> Yay for autopkgtests!


> We already have another, unrelated RC bug in systemd which will prevent
> testing migration for now.

I noticed. That was the major reason why I didn't want to file another
one just yet.

> The breakage in kwin looks unrelated to me (maybe caused by the libinput
> update, dunno).

To avoid any doubt, I have triggered a reference run, with only testing
(results in a hour or so). But the last successful run was on 19 June
and had libinput 1.10.7-1, which is the same version that systemd was
tested with. I checked the log of the systemd run, and nothing spurious
was installed from unstable, only the systemd binaries. On the other
hand, the test for libinput 1.11.1-1 had the same issue, and also there
no spurious packages from unstable were installed. So I fear we already
regressed testing and the systemd maintainers can further ignore the
kwin failure.


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