Bug#902015: systemd-cron: fails to upgrade from 'wheezy' - trying to overwrite /usr/bin/crontab

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Fri Jun 29 07:58:57 BST 2018

Control: severity -1 wishlist

Am 29.06.2018 um 08:44 schrieb Alexandre Detiste:
> Hi,
> I feel like the severity of this bug is much too high,
> as it only concerns bcron-run versus systemd-cron;
> not vixie cron (the santdard implementation) vs systemd-cron.
> I don't see how to cleanly solve it.
> Should any cron implemnetation & breaks against
> all the other cron implementation ?
> Or better against virtual package cron-deamon ?

Afaics, the situation is solved in stretch, as systemd-cron has a proper
Conflicts/Replaces/Provides there.

> Also, why a bug between wheezy and jessie should affect a package in
> the next release ?

Jupp, the severity seems inflated to me and I'm not actually sure there
is anything we can do about this now for old-old-stable.
I'd be inclined to simply close this bug report, but at least
downgrading it seems appropriate, given that, afaics, it doesn't affect
stable, testing or sid.

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