Bug#918764: udev: "udevadm control --reload-rules" kills all processes except init

Axel Beckert abe at debian.org
Sun Feb 3 12:32:10 GMT 2019

Hi Nicolas!

Nicolas Cavallari wrote:
> I do not have cgroupsfs-mount installed, but i have elogind.

Interesting. I have elogind installed, too, and I also have that
mountpoint at /sys/fs/cgroup/elogind, but nevertheless, uninstalling
cgroupfs-mount sufficed for me. IIRC I didn't do a reboot since then,

> A typical /proc/self/cgroup is :
> 1:name=elogind:/
> 0::/

Mine looks very similar, yet not identical:


No idea what the 581 refers to. It's not the process id of

> So it is my understanding from the source code that manager->cgroup
> should contain '/'.
> A debugging session breaking on on_post() very unhelpfully indicates
> that 'manager', 'manager->cgroup', 'userdata' and other helpful
> variables have been optimized out...

Yay! </sarcasm>

(And thanks for testing!)

> (I only use elogind to satisfy the overly broad dependencies of
>  libpolkit-qt5-1-1, but that is another bug, #794537).

Overly broad dependencies on libpam-logind and the like seem to be
rather common these days in Debian. :-(

		Regards, Axel
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