Bug#919825: systemd: local filesystems other than '/' and '/usr' not checked and mounted -- emergency mode

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Thu Feb 28 18:36:37 GMT 2019

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On Sat, 19 Jan 2019 17:11:17 -0600 Bob Tracy <rct at frus.com> wrote:
> Package: systemd
> Version: 240-4
> Severity: important
> Dear Maintainer,
> Sometime between December 2017 and late 2018 (the time period between when my
> most recent backups were made and when I had occasion to need them), "systemd"
> (possibly including help from "udevd" and "initramfs-tools") forgot how to
> handle persistent local filesystems other than '/' and '/usr'.  "journalctl -xb"
> complains that the starting of /dev/sdaN (for various valid values of N) is
> unsupported.  All of the temporary filesystems and swap partitions get mounted
> and/or enabled as expected, but the unsupported starting of the /dev/sdaN
> partitions other than '/', '/usr', and swap results in "systemd" dropping into
> emergency mode.  At that point, I can run "e2fsck" on all the "problem" partitions,
> mount them, exit emergency mode, and normal system startup (default target) happens
> without further incident.
> My fstab file is attached, so no need to reproduce it here.
> Here is an excerpt of the "journalctl -xb" output for "/dev/sda2":

Please attach the full output "journalctl -alb" output of such a failed

I'd also be interested in the output of
udevadm info /sys/class/block/sda2

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