Bug#958390: systemd: systemctl ignores soft links in /etc/systemd/system at boot

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Tue Apr 21 13:01:17 BST 2020

Am 21.04.20 um 13:55 schrieb Michael Biebl:
> Control: tags -1 + moreinfo
> Control: severity -1 normal
> Am 21.04.20 um 13:23 schrieb Erich Minderlein:
>> $HOME/location/of/app/etc/systemd/system/config.* 
> Is that on a separate partition that has to be mounted during boot to
> make it accessible?

systemd itself should have no problems with using symlinks, fwiw.

My guess is, that your $HOME/location/of/app/etc/systemd/system/
is not available when systemd is started during boot, so those files are
inaccessible. This obviously can't work.
You either need to move those files to a location which resides on your
/ partition or pre-mount /home in your initramfs before systemd is started.

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