Bug#971282: ABI breakage: paths changed for sysusers.d/sysctl.d/binfmt/modules-load.d

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Thu Oct 1 20:11:20 BST 2020

Am 01.10.20 um 21:09 schrieb Michael Biebl:

> https://github.com/systemd/systemd/commit/4a56315a990b802860170ecd1bbd3eb68e14a38b#commitcomment-42793750
>>> Thoughts, Comments?
>> I wonder if systemd can be fully installed into `/usr` now that we require
>> premounting. Maybe we should start changing lintian and other tools to
>> install into /usr instead of /lib for the tools that currently used
>> rootprefix (I believe systemd searches in /usr anyway).
> I gave this a try. It can.
> See https://salsa.debian.org/systemd-team/systemd/-/merge_requests/104
> Still very rough, but the package is usable and able to boot a system,
> reading udev rules and systemd services from both /lib and /usr/lib.
> We probably need quite a few more compat symlinks though.
> This is only the systemd/udev side, though.
> The i-s-h/debhelper side is still missing and we'd need to hash out a
> plan for this. I'd need help with doing that.
> Anyone interested?

I'm a bit alarmed by "Hopefully we can drop the split soon." in the
github issue above. If upstream really plans to drop split-usr support,
we are up for a rough ride and we should plan for that now.


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