Bug#971282: ABI breakage: paths changed for sysusers.d/sysctl.d/binfmt/modules-load.d

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Mon Oct 5 17:02:40 BST 2020

Am 05.10.20 um 17:25 schrieb Felipe Sateler:
> I think the plan should be:
> 1. Change debhelper and i-s-h to install to /usr

I assume you mean, that dh_installsystemd/dh_systemd should install
debian/foo.service and debian/foo.udev to /usr/lib?

Should debhelper also actively move files from /lib to /usr/lib when
they are installed to /lib by the upstream build system?

We need to decide whether to tie that to a compat bump (in which case it
would be a very slow process) or whether to do that unconditionally.

> 2. Change the lintian warnings to point to /usr
> 3. Drop the /lib mangling from all the manpages
> 4. Wait a lot :(. At least a full release cycle, I think.
> 5. Drop the split and install fully to /usr, with some compat links for
> non-merged-/usr.

I guess we only need compat symlinks for binaries in /bin. We need to
determine if we create symlinks for all of them or only for a select few
ones, which would have a high impact and would cause unnecessary churn.

A few more bullet points
- Add support to udev to run udev helper binaries from both paths (see
the patch in my MR).

- Change systemd.pc and udev.pc and point udevdir to /usr/lib/udev and
let the various systemd paths point to /usr/lib/.
This will likely break a few packages, so it would probably be good to
do a archive wide rebuild of packages build-depending on systemd or udev.

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