Bug#946456: systemd: Provide systemd-sysusers as an independent package

Ansgar ansgar at debian.org
Fri Oct 9 09:58:31 BST 2020

Hi Michael,

On Wed, 2020-10-07 at 18:21 +0200, Michael Biebl wrote:
> A small update here:
> v246 provides a build switch -Dstandalone-binaries=true:
> `
> option('standalone-binaries', type : 'boolean', value : 'false',
>        description : 'also build standalone versions of supported
> binaries')
> `
> I like this approach and think we should do the same in Debian.
> Users, which have the full systemd package installed don't have any
> negative side effects, which could result from splitting out
> systemd-tmpfiles/systemd-sysusers and libsystemd-shared.
> Restricted/non-systemd environments, like containers, can use
> systemd-standalone-sysusers and systemd-standalone-tmpfiles with
> minimal dependencies.

I think this is a good forward to allow starting to use the tools.

Given this results in alternative dependencies (systemd | systemd-
tmpfiles or however they are named), we should probably be careful with
using this in base/core packages: there is both the limited dependency
resolver by debootstrap and previous experiences with these
alternatives not always behaving as one would like to keep in mind.

Thanks for all your work :-)


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