Bug#972135: systemd: Fails to upgrade on NFS root filesystem (without ACL support)

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Tue Oct 13 16:04:28 BST 2020

Control: tags -1 + upstream

Am 13.10.20 um 05:52 schrieb Pat Coulthard:
> Package: systemd
> Version: 246.6-1
> Severity: normal
> Systemd fails during an upgrade from buster to testing with an NFS mounted
> root filesystem. The issue appears to be that this filesystem doesn't support
> POSIX ACLs, which causes the postinst script to fail.
> In this case, the NFS server is a Debian buster server running the standard
> Debian kernel.


> Setting access ACL "u::rwx,g::r-x,g:adm:r-x,m::r-x,o::r-x" on /var/log/journal failed: Operation not supported

I'm not entirely sure, if it's the missing ACL support or some other
missing feature in NFS (at least on an ext4 file system where acl and
user_xattr support has been disabled via tune2fs -o ^acl I do not get
such a failure).

It's probably best if you file this upstream at
I don't really have the necessary setup to be able to reproduce this myself.

The command in question is
mkdir -p /var/log/journal
systemd-tmpfiles --create --prefix /var/log/journal

It's probably a good idea, if you run systemd-tmpfiles under strace and
attach the strace log to the upstream bug report.


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