Pat Coulthard pmcoulthard at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 00:21:48 BST 2020

Thank you for the suggestions!

I can now confirm (as you stated) that this is not an issue on ext4 mounted
"-o noacl", and is, in fact, only an issue on NFS when a) the server
filesystem doesn't support ACLs (ZFS in my case, but I verified the same
with ext4 mounted "noacl") and b) the client mounts the NFS filesystem
without specifying the "noacl" mount option. If either condition is unmet
(i.e. the server filesystem does support ACLs, or the client mounts
"noacl") the systemd-tmpfile command succeeds.

So, for me, adding "noacl" to the NFS client mount options allows the
upgrade to proceed as expected.

I've found that systemd-tmpfiles has code [1] that attempts to account for
a lack of filesystem ACL support, but there's a hole in this specific case
that leads to it being skipped unexpectedly. I'll take those details
upstream after a bit more investigation.

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