Bug#917128: udev 240 breaks network interface naming

Matt Taggart taggart at debian.org
Fri Oct 30 20:40:15 GMT 2020

I am seeing this bug on buster, currently udev 241-7~deb10u4. Somehow I 
wound up with /etc/systemd/network/*.link files that I did not create 
(maybe a postinst migration script did?).

To get my old working config working again I did:
* rm /etc/systemd/network/*
* rm /etc/udev/rules.d/70-*
* add net.ifnames=0 to cmdline

and now I'm not getting the renamed interfaces and my vlans work as they 
did in stretch.

It would be nice if this could be fixed in buster.

I'd be willing to move to the new systemd way of setting up vlans, but I 
can't find a good tutorial of how to do so in Debian. The best docs I've 
found so far was this Arch wiki link


but that seems like maybe it's more complicated than it needs to be. So 
this is also a wishlist for better docs of the "right" way to be doing 
this in buster and newer.


Matt Taggart
taggart at debian.org

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